Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee of the blog SciELO in Perpective – Humanities is made up of editors representing the set of SciELO Brasil Collection journal editors from the areas of human sciences, applied social sciences, linguistics, letters and arts, which are elected for a term of two Years by the SciELO editors of the respective areas, being allowed the renewal.

The Editorial Committee meets 2 to 3 times a year and has the following main functions:

Define policies and procedures for the operation of the blog;
To watch and evaluate the development of the blog, promoting: a) adjustments necessary for the fulfillment of its objectives; B) improvement of the editorial line; C) equity in the participation of periodicals; And d) maximizing quality;
At the request of the Operational Editorial Team, support the review and approval of the contributions submitted for submission to the blog;
Collaborate with the preparation of posts for the blog post.

The Editorial Editorial Team is responsible for providing the technical secretariat functions of the Editorial Committee of the blog.

Editorial Committee Composition

abel1 alfredo_bosi antonio_lessa beth_brait breno_bringel

Abel L. Packer
Programa SciELO, Coordenador

Alfredo Bosi
Estudos Avançados
Antônio Carlos Lessa
Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional
Beth Brait
Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso (Online)
Breno Bringel
Dados – Revista de Ciências Sociais
claudia_mayorga denise_trento ivany_pino regina_facchini pedro_Jacobi peter_spink

Claudia Mayorga
Psicologia & Sociedade

Denise Trento
Educação e Pesquisa

Ivany Rodrigues Pino
Educação & Sociedade

Regina Facchini
Cadernos Pagu

Pedro Roberto Jacobi
Ambiente & Sociedade

Peter K. Spink
Revista de Administração Pública

Editorial Team

Abel L. Packer
Alex Mendonça
Amanda Ramalho
Barbara Barretta
Carolina Tanigushi
Denise Peres
Giovanna Brito
Maria Alves