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Ambiente & Sociedade calls for articles on social and environmental contexts in the Amazon

Promotional image: special logo of the periodical "Ambiente & Sociedade" in celebration of 25 years. Text: Call for papers, Featured theme - 2024, “The Amazon in an era of reconstruction and neo-developmentalism”, Deadline for submissions 31/08/2023, More information https://bit.ly/AeS_Amazon. In the background, a blurry photo of a small plant with thin branches and few leaves.

The Amazon region, its original peoples and traditional communities are strongly impacted in socio-environmental terms. In order to give visibility to interdisciplinary research in the environmental and social areas of the region, Ambiente & Sociedade invites everyone to submit articles for its 2024 Highlight Theme “The Amazon in an era of reconstruction and neo-developmentalism”. Read More →

Violence in Costa Rica: an eminently urban phenomenon

The degree of urban development in Costa Rica plays a key role in explaining homicide rates, once we have controlled for a wide range of explanatory variables. This effect is progressive. The relationship between violence and urban concentration is not observed in offenses other than homicide. Read More →

Mozambican women in science – a challenge and a story to be told

A network of knowledge circulation and exchange of experiences has been consolidated over the last few years between Brazilian and Mozambican academic feminists. We highlight a topic still little known in Brazil – women in science in Mozambique – interviewing three researchers who tell a little about this story. Read More →

Call for articles – Ambiente & Sociedade 2017 Special Issue

Until April 30th, Ambiente & Sociedade Journal calls for articles to appear in its October/December 2017 special issue (20.4) on Health and Sustainable Development. Enter here to access the full call, themes, and further information. Read More →