The SciELO Blog in Perpective – Humanities has as its central objective to contribute to the development, dissemination and marketing of journals of human sciences indexed in SciELO, through its wide presence in social networks. The blog is a common and collaborative space for all journals. The expectation is that the blog, with the growing and active participation of the periodicals, will constitute a space of reference for the dissemination of the humanities and contribute to increase the visibility and credibility of the periodicals published in Brazil.

It covers subjects related to the specialties covered by the areas of human sciences, applied social sciences, linguistics, letters and arts, as of the publication of:

  • Analyzes and press releases regarding the contents published in SciELO journals and other topics of interest to the areas;
  • Interviews with national or foreign authors, researchers and scientific editors; and
  • Call for papers from SciELO journals.

The SciELO Blog in Perpectiva – Humanas is open to the collaboration of authors, editors and editorial staff of SciELO journals, who can send their contributions in an eventual or systematic way. Contact our Editorial Team, from the e-mail blog.humanas@scielo.org.