Ambiente & Sociedade calls for articles on social and environmental contexts in the Amazon

Logo of the Ambiente & Sociedade journalAfter a long period of deploying an extremist policy at the state level, which culminated in the Yanomami genocide, we have returned, presumably, to consistent public policies directed towards the environmental area in Brazil. The Amazon region has been heavily impacted during this period, with severe negative consequences falling disproportionately upon the native peoples, the traditional communities, and the territories where they live.

On the other hand, the current government has already also signaled that there will be, at some level, a developmentalist bias, placing the construction of large-scale infrastructure works at the center of their economic activity, which will generate other negative impacts at both micro and macro levels. The fruition of a waterway for the outflow of soy produced in the Central-West of the country is an example of the type of action that will affect all the channels in the Amazonian region, which will become a route for the intense traffic of ships carrying transgenic cargo.

While it will not profoundly modify the way we live at a global level, creating conditions for the blossoming of a “forest civilization” in the tropics means the main vectors of deforestation will continue to put pressure on the territory, the biome, and the societies that live there – from the urban population to those in protected areas. The obliteration of communities and traditional Amazonian peoples continues as nature, transmuted into natural resources by the western civilization process, is violated in its conditions of resilience. Beyond the loss of nature, the traditional knowledge on its use and management are found under threat.

Promotional image: special logo of the periodical "Ambiente & Sociedade" in celebration of 25 years. Text: Call for papers, Featured theme - 2024, “The Amazon in an era of reconstruction and neo-developmentalism”, Deadline for submissions 31/08/2023, More information In the background, a blurry photo of a small plant with thin branches and few leaves.

Image: Ambiente & Sociedade, 2023.

The initiative of organizing this Featured Theme has the purpose of seeking to provide visibility to the cutting-edge research in Environment and Society currently being done on and in the Pan-Amazon. The articles are from both an empirical point of view, with monographic work derived from the field, and from theoretical perspectives, aimed at understanding more general historical processes.

The Dossier gathers articles with results from case studies, in addition to those aimed at broader contexts at various interfaces of interdisciplinarity, encompassing the full spectrum of socioenvironmental contexts profiling the Amazonian territory.

Regarding publication costs, the author(s) will be responsible for paying the initial article submission fee, which costs R$ 150, and the publication fee, which costs R$ 600, for accepted articles. More detailed information about costs, payment and submission can be found at

Articles must be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish. For the last two cases, when accepted, they must also be translated into English in the final phase of publication. The costs of translating the articles will be the responsibility of the authors.

The deadline for papers’ submission: August 31, 2023.

Publication of articles: Volume 2024, section “Featured Theme”

More information on the submission process of the journal is available at

Important: Authors must inform, in submission through the ScholarOne system, in the “Cover Letter” field, that the work is being submitted for the Featured Theme: “THE AMAZON IN AN ERA OF RECONSTRUCTION AND NEO-DEVELOPMENTALISM”. CALL FOR PAPER FEATURED THEME 2024

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