Call for articles – Ambiente & Sociedade 2017 Special Issue

Pedro Roberto Jacobi, editor-in-chief (Institute of Energy and Environment and School of Education, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (SP), Brazil

Leandro Luiz Giatti, deputy editor (School of Public Health, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (SP), Brazil

Helena Ribeiro (School of Public Health, University of São Paulo, São Paulo (SP), Brazil

asoc_logoThe Sustainable Development Goals bring the perspective of intersectoral approaches connecting dimensions of social, economic, environmental and health concerns. In the contemporary world, the interdependency of such issues has become undeniable, characterizing key challenges and then interplaying high power of determinants in complex chains that interact with health and human quality of life. In addition, uncertainties towards technologic innovation and climate change as well as their possible consequences deserve attention also conjoining the influence of global-local dynamics exacerbating vulnerabilities. In this regard, considering the challenges of climate change, deep health inequalities, globalization, uncertainties and depletion of ecosystem resources, we invite authors to submit manuscripts exploring human health as an intrinsic element for sustainable development.

We will consider original research papers and bibliographic reviews dealing with the issue of health and sustainable development, encompassing the following topics within the relations among environment and society:

– Sustainability / Sustainable Development;

– Resilience and Adaptation to climate change;

– Socio-environmental issues and human health;

– Globalization;

– Healthy cities;

– Environmental injustices and iniquities in health.

Deadline: April 30, 2017. * Submissions must inform the option for the Special Issue in the respective cover letter


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