Collective constructions: open peer review of an article on indigenous literature

Renata Lourenço dos Santos, professor, doctoral student in the Graduate Program in Cultural Criticism at the State University of Bahia (UNEB), Caetité, Bahia, Brazil.

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The article Indigenous literature: between memories, published in volume 39 of Educação em Revista, explores the role of Brazilian indigenous writers in literary output, connecting their fight for rights to the development of this literature. Through a bibliographic and audiovisual review, the importance of this creation as a record of oral memory and highlights these people’s search for recognition.

The manuscript was submitted to an open peer review and the report of Maria Gorete Neto, entitled Literature made by indigenous people, was published in the same volume. In this text, the study author discusses and expands on the experience of open evaluation and the reviewer shares her view about the process in a video.

Encouraging more and more indigenous reading, this article is a storytelling. Stories that the authors of the study, Eliana Márcia dos Santos Carvalho and Renata Lourenço dos Santos, guarantee have been key to the evolution of their work and research, with emphasis on the open peer review format, a differential that at first seemed costly and time-consuming, but which in the end, with the evolution of the article, both in style and argument, made perfect sense.  

During the open reviews, interaction was encouraged with the referees, listening to suggestions for improving the article, including new evaluation proposals, clarifying the stages and the theme that led to this research. It was an opportunity to meet colleagues from other universities and their research, indicative of the growth of activities in human sciences (or literature) in Brazil, leading the researchers to expose their work, materializing the senses and meanings of the investigation, reflecting, and questioning new possibilities for deepening the theme.

The proposal for an open panel was, in fact, an open circle of knowledge, with people exchanging affinities, bibliographies and research findings. It was a round that contemplated the diversity that makes us, including and rethinking identities. This format ended up adding links and new possibilities for the construction, production, and circulation of science to the process. 

This article also seeks to add knowledge. Precisely the great movement that indigenous peoples have been making for centuries, they and mother nature, to combine. The contributions of indigenous peoples to other peoples are countless, manifesting themselves in writing, singing, rituals, or body painting. In this sense, the study of their literature is an excellent opportunity to get closer to these people’s history and, at the same time, to our own history as Brazilians.

Read the press release about the article at: From consumers to producers, indigenous people work to consolidate their own literature.

Watch the video below of Maria Gorete Neto, talking about her experience and on open peer review

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Translated from the original in Portuguese by Lilian Nassi-Calò.


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