Social perspectives in organization studies

Luciane Kato Kiwara, editorial manager, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

This third issue of volume 15 offers four original research articles and one interview with a renowned scholar. The issue was assembled by past editor-in-chief Dr. Salomão Alencar de Farias with the editorial help of Mrs. Luciane Kato Kiwara. We hope this issue contributes to theory and practice in the realm of organizations and in their relationship with the global society.

The first article, “Sharing economy and sustainability logic: analyzing the use of shared bikes”, by Suzenny T. Rechene, Minelle E. Silva and Simone A. P. Campos, aims to understand the formation of ILS – institutional logic of sustainability – with the implementation of shared bikes in the city of Fortaleza, CE. The project briefing presents itself as a sustainability-oriented project (BICICLETAR, 2014), thus stimulating a debate on sustainability. The idea of shared bikes supports the sharing economy movement and contributes to sustainable mobility, following the station-based model (VASKELAINEN; MÜNZEL, 2018).

The second article, “The motivation to participate in citizen-sourcing and hackathons in the public sector”, by Gabriel de Deus Ferreira and Josivania Silva Farias, aims to identify the influence of motivations in the number of participations in Hackathons, a citizen-sourcing initiative, in Brazil. According to the Brazilian House of Representatives (CÂMARA DOS DEPUTADOS, 2014), Hackathon is a marathon that brings together programmers, developers and inventors (the hackers), to create projects that transform information of public interest into digital solutions accessible to all citizens.

The third article, “Sustainability indicators for the management of Brazilian higher education institutions”, by Annor da Silva Junior, Priscilla de Oliveira Martins-Silva, Katia Cyrlene de Araújo Vasconcelos, Vitor Correa da Silva, Mariana Ramos de Melo, and Miguel Carlos Ramos Dumer, discusses a research project that investigates performance indicators of corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices applied to Higher Education Institutions in Brazil.

The fourth article, “Perception of value co-creation actions in agricultural cooperatives”, by Luana Zanetti Trindade Ferraz, Amaury José Rezende, João Paulo Resende de Lima, and Emanuela Todeva, analyzes the perception of members regarding value-creation actions offered by a cooperative and whether characteristics of members and cooperative affected that perception. Jaakkola and Hakanen (2013) encourage the development of methods to identify value co-creation and make it visible to clients and managers as an instrument of control, strategy, and management. In the article, the perception of members is used since it allows a quantitative measurement of value co-creation. Moreover, some results of value co-creation processes generate non-measurable benefits, and the measurable results of value creation cannot be separated from value creation (PRAHALAD; RAMASWAMY, 2004).

This issue also presents an interview with Prof. Roy Suddaby, who holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Alberta. His current position at the University of Victoria is as Professor, Francis G. Winspear Chair, Director of Research, Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Renewal. His expertise involves corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, corporate structures, global change, and organizational change. On October 6, 2017, he received the interviewer, Fernanda Yumi Tsujiguchi, in his office to talk about academic life, institutional theory and organizational research.

We take this opportunity to invite all readers to contribute to BAR’s Special Issue on Design Science in Organizations, which will be released in 2020. This special issue is interested in contributing to rigor and relevance in the domain of design science research by attracting sound conceptual works that discuss what we currently have as empirical knowledge in organizations of all kinds worldwide. Please submit papers through BAR’s regular paper submission system (, mentioning that the submission is for this special issue. All submissions will be subject to the regular double-blind, peer review process. The special issue editors will select associate editors and reviewers from BAR’s editorial boards to work in the review process.

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