MANUSCRITO brings new contributions to some current topics in philosophical research

Marco Ruffino, Editor, State University of Campinas-UNICAMP, CNPq, Campinas, SP, Brazil

man_logoManuscrito is an international journal of philosophy publishing articles on a wide range of philosophical topics, especially in the history of philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of the formal sciences, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy and philosophy of mind. The journal does not privilege any particular philosophical approach. Its purpose is to reflect the progress of philosophy as a whole and to increase the exchange of ideas and arguments between different contemporary schools of thought.

Giorgio Venturi argues in “Hilbert Between the Formal and the Informal Side of Mathematics” that there are two different concepts of axioms in Hilbert’s axiomatic system. His main thesis is that this ambiguity is a consequence of Hilbert’s struggle to secure a link between formalization and intuition.

Justina Diaz Legaspe’s “Disagreeing Over Evaluatives: Preference, Normative and Moral Discourse” takes up the question: why would we argue about taste, norms or morality when we know that these topics are relative to taste preferences, systems of norms or values to which we are committed? She argues that the motives for these kinds of discussion rely on our attitudes towards the standard held by the speakers in each domain of discourse, relating different attitudes to different motives – mainly, conviction and correction.

Walter Carnielli and Abílio Rodrigues present in “Towards a Philosophical Understanding of The Logics of Formal Inconsistency” a philosophical motivation for the logics of formal inconsistency and defend the view that these logics may be interpreted as theories of logical consequence of an epistemological character.

The new issue brings also contributions by Ramiro Caso (“A Second Opinion On relative Truth”, in which he discusses Horwich’s analysis of relative truth and argues against it), and by Vidal Navarro Mena (“Prolegómenos Para una Teoría Formal de Estructuras (Después De N. da Costa)”, in which he presents an alternative reconstruction of the concept of structure, inspired in some ideas by the Brazilian logician Newton da Costa).

Para ler os artigos, acesse:

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NAVARRO M., VIDAL H. Prolegómenos para una teoría formal de estructuras (después de N. da Costa). Manuscrito [online]. 2015, vol.38, n.2, pp. 89-154. [viewed 15th December 2015]. ISSN 2317-630X. DOI: 10.1590/0100-6045.2015.V38N2.VHNM. Available from:

CARNIELLI, W., and RODRIGUES, A. Towards a philosophical understanding of the logics of formal inconsistency. Manuscrito [online]. 2015, vol.38, n.2, pp. 155-184. [viewed 15th December 2015]. ISSN 2317-630X. DOI: 10.1590/0100-6045.2015.V38N2.WCeAR. Available from:

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