Call for Papers – China Rising: Strategies and Tactics of China’s growing presence in the world – A Special Issue of RBPI

Por Antonio Carlos Lessa

rbpiSince the beginning of this century and especially after its accession to the WTO is common point that the People’s Republic of China is an actor with a growing presence in the international system as well in the regional systems. According to some indicators, China is already the major actor in Asia and one of the leading global players, while by other measures remains a developing country.

Thus, while manages its relationship with the major powers (USA, Russia and the European Union), China has strengthened its strategic relations with Latin America, Africa and the Middle East by establishing cooperation forums and has changed the strategy of its presence in Asia. Although these regions share a common lack of fear, or not, each relationship with China is distinct.

For many analysts, regional strategies derive from China’s global grand strategy, often called “peaceful rise”, with emphasis on at least four dimensions: political-diplomatic, security, commercial and cultural. For some analysts, this “peaceful rise” represents a “pragmatic choice”.

In summary, today’s China is not only an economic giant as well is modernizing its military, is a member of the main regional and international institutions and is intensively visible in international politics

At the same time, regions and countries see China as an economic, political, strategic partner with capacity of attendance of its interests. Thus it is also important to evaluate how each region reacts to larger Chinese presence and what are their interests.

Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI ( will publish in March 2014 a special issue organized by Henrique Altemani de Oliveira, Professor of International Relations at the State University of Paraíba. This special issue aims to evaluate the state of the Chinese presence in the international system and its relationships with major powers, with regions and with regional powers, with larger emphasis in the political and diplomatic aspects. Thus, we welcome submissions focused on the following thematic axes: China’s Foreign Policy (peaceful rise; harmonious world; China threat; Beijing Consensus; South-South cooperation; strategic partnership); China’s role in the reorganization of international and regional security; China as global actor; China as a rising power with hegemonic aspirations; China as regional actor; bilateral/plurilateral relationship with the major powers, regions and regional or emergent powers; China in multilateral institutions (UN/SC, WTO, BRICS, G20, IADB).

All submissions should be original and unpublished, must be in the range of 50.000 characters (including spaces and footnotes) must be written in English (is is necessary to be fully correct English for non natives of the language), including an abstract of less then 70 words (and 3 key-words in English). Follow the Chicago System. The deadline for submissions is February 28th 2014. Submissions must be done at (On Line Submissions).


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