Call for a thematic issue of Revista de Administração Pública (RAP)

Alketa Peci, Editor-in-chief da Revista de Administração Pública, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

rap_logoAs part of its strategy of internationalization, the Revista de Administração Pública (RAP – The Journal of Public Administration), published by the Getulio Vargas Foundation’s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV-EBAPE), would like to announce a call for a thematic special issue over the course of 2016.

This thematic special issue of the journal will abide by certain guidelines:

  1. a) Each submitted proposal shall be submitted by a team of editors, made up of at least one Brazilian researcher and one foreign researcher, both recognized for their contributions to the specific topic being proposed;
  2. b) Each proposal should focus on key topics that have the potential to attract pertinent papers from both national and international audiences:
  3. C) The proposal must contain a general description of the topic, guiding research questions, methodological guidelines (if necessary), and suggested bibliographical references.

Proposals for this call for a “Thematic Special Issue” should be sent to the journal’s e-mail address at by August 31. Those submitting proposals should provide details with regard to the potential of their call for a special issue and justify the pertinence of their subject matter to the field of public administration. Proposals will be analyzed by the journal’s editorial committee and the proponents will be notified as to whether their proposal has been accepted within a maximum period of 2 (two) weeks.

We sincerely hope that this kind of process of collaborative editing, combined with the relevance of the topics being proposed will then form part of the overall contribution of a community of both Brazilian and international researchers, thereby helping to consolidate RAP’s specific contribution to the field of knowledge in public administration.

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