BAR – Brazilian Administration Review edited by ANPAD presents its third issue

Salomão Alencar de Farias, UFPE/PROPAD, Recife, PE, Brazil

bar_logoBAR – Brazilian Administration Review edited by ANPAD presents its third issue (Volume 12, number 3, July/September 2015), that features five articles in different fields of business administration. Readers will be in touch with theoretical, qualitative and quantitative approaches, demonstrating BAR’s openness to different research perspectives.

The first article, “Value added elements according to buyer companies in a B2B context”, by Daniel Battaglia and colleagues, aims to analyze how buyer companies perceive the value added to products and service offered by their suppliers and identifies the predominant elements that affect purchasing decisions and establishment of relationships between companies in a B2B context.

The second article, “Organizational commitment, psychological contract fulfillment and job performance: a longitudinal quanti-qualitative study”, by Leticia Gomes Maia and Virgilio Bittencourt Bastos, discusses the development of organizational commitment and explores the relations among psychological contract fulfillment, organizational commitment, and job performance. Authors found four trajectories of commitment development: learning to love, high match, honeymoon hangover and learning to hate.

The third article, “Leaderships in urban contexts of diversity and innovation: the Porto Maravilha case”, by Fatima Bayma de Oliveira, Anderson de Souza Sant’Anna, Deniela Martins Diniz and Antonio Moreira de Carvalho Neto, investigates the role and ways of action of leaderships in urban contexts characterized by urban revitalization processes (RJ/Brazil).

The fourth article, “Environmental management, strategic practices and praxis: a study in Santa Catarina industrial companies”, by Graziela Dias Alperstedt and Sergio Bulgacov, presents results from a study of 225 companies in Santa Catarina State. It is based on the theoretical foundations of environmental management and strategy as practice.

The fifth article, “Methodological Reflections on Practice-based research in organization studies”, by Marcelo de Souza Bispo, discusses methodological possibilities for empirical research on practice-based studies, including ways of collecting and analyzing empirical data from the practice lens perspective. It consists of a theoretical paper that presents general guidelines to foster the development of specific methods for practice-based studies.

It is important to stress that BAR is now using CC-BY license following SciELO standards. This license is used by different and relevant publishers and leads to better and easier information access and knowledge dissemination. As such, readers and both current and future authors need to familiarize themselves with CC-BY license from Creative Commons. Being an Open Access journal, BAR seeks to present work from Brazilian and International researchers to readers in Brazil and around the world, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the area of business administration and showing perspectives from Brazilian business reality.

Publishing articles only in English, BAR is competing internationally for its share in the highly competitive business journal arena, considering that impact factors are now a relevant issue for reputable authors to choose outlets for their publications, and despite the criticisms about the importance of this measurement to a journal. Therefore, we are working to innovate and improve our editorial procedures so that BAR will be synonymous with high-quality publication in Business Administration in Brazil as its impact factor increases along with its international visibility.

Para ler os artigos, acesse:

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